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The generosity of donors helps perpetuate the excellence of teaching in our department and supports the research we conduct to benefit society.


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The reputation and value of a degree in economics from UC Davis depend heavily on the intellect and achievements of our students and faculty and the research conducted here.


Please consider these sponsorship opportunities.

Fund for Excellence

This general support fund is our sole source of unrestricted funding, supplying much-appreciated supplementary support for academic and faculty/student-life programs in the Department of Economics. It has helped to underwrite:

  • Student scholarships and fellowships
  • Guest speakers
  • Career development opportunities for our students
  • Research by faculty members and students
  • Faculty recruitment and retention
  • Conferences and workshops

Undergraduate Student Support

Your contribution can help promising young scholars afford a top-notch economics education and set them on their way to thriving, productive careers. Some ways you can make a difference in students’ success include:

  • Funding a scholarship
  • Sponsoring a student to work with faculty on an honors thesis
  • Sponsoring an honors seminar to create opportunities for high achieving students to work more closely with our top faculty

Graduate Student Fellowships

Graduate students teach and mentor our undergraduates. They are scholars who will ask new questions, conduct new research, and provide answers to some of the most challenging questions about the future of society. Gifts from donors help us attract the most promising graduate students, provide them support, and recognize and honor their achievements.

Faculty Support

Through their teaching and research, faculty members advance knowledge and prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders. Support from donors helps us compete with peer institutions to recruit and retain top scholars, offer state-of-the-art facilities and technology, research or graduate student assistance and other needed support. Establishing an endowed chair is one of the most valuable gifts one can give to higher education, for an endowed chair ensures academic excellence for generations to come.


A time-honored method for supporting and building academic programs, endowments provide the department with a stable source of annual funding from investment income in perpetuity. Since the principal remains untouched and a portion of the income is reinvested, the endowment can be expected to grow — thus increasing the impact over time. Endowments can be named by the donor and can support various purposes, such as faculty chairs or professorships, graduate fellowships, undergraduate support and more.

Economics Seminar Series

These regular seminars introduce our students and faculty members to the insights of economists of national and international renown, bringing experts to campus to present their work in an array of economics fields. Such interactions are essential for world-class research and education. Gifts in support of this series give us the flexibility to invite top researchers, regardless of their location.