Beaumont Award

The Ray Beaumont Memorial Award is given annually to the most deserving fourth- or fifth-year graduate student. The recipient is determined by secret ballot with all current graduate students, faculty and staff entitled to one vote.


Ray Beaumont
Ray Beaumont

A memorial plaque is inscribed with the name of the winner, who receives a cash prize at the department's spring party in May. 

About Ray Beaumont

Ray Beaumont entered the Ph.D. program in economics at UC Davis in 1982, and received his doctorate in September of 1988. Tragically, soon after graduation he was diagnosed with cancer, leading to his death weeks later, on October 25, 1988. Ray was a gifted student and scholar. His academic record was among the most distinguished in the history of the department. Ray was an accomplished econometrician and was selected to be the teaching assistant for two different graduate courses. Ray also was a leader in integrating the economics students into the department. He found the time to be the economics representative to the Graduate Student Association for two years. He was captain of countless intramural teams in many different sports and sponsored numerous social gatherings. In short, Ray was much more than just a valued colleague, he was a friend; someone who made the Department of Economics a better place.

Award Criteria

The recipient of this memorial award should be someone who reflects the characteristics that Ray Beaumont exemplified. A Beaumont Award recipient is someone who cannot be defined by just one accomplishment or one area of expertise — someone who makes everyone feel fortunate to know as a friend and colleague.

Past Recipients

2023 Chang Jae (C.J.) Lee
2022 Kevin Dinh
2021 Giuseppe Ippedico
2020 Derek Rury and Mariam Yousuf
2019 Natalia Orlova
2018 Cynthia Van Der Werf Cuadros
2017 Vasco Yasenov
2016 Gaetano Basso
2015 Kevin Williams
2014 Elira Kuka
2013 Phil Luck
2012 Lisa Schulkind
2011 Teny Maghakian
2010 Rowena Gray
2009 Nick Sanders
2008 Shahar Sansani
2007 Alan Barreca
2006 Chad Sparber
2005 Florence Bouvet
2004 Janine Wilson
2003 Ryan Brady
2002 Kristin Van Gaasbeck
2001 Sharmila King
2000 Kaoru Nabeshima
1999 Sami Kitmitto
1998 Tracy Turner
1997 Lisa Cappellari
1996 Charles Haase
1995 Dorsati Madani
1994 Erick Eschker
1993 Jim Hartley
1992 Barry Haworth
1991 Lorenzo Kristov
1990 Kirk Elwood