PTA Approval Policy

PTA Approval Policy

Please note: providing students with a PTA code is not typically granted in the Economics Department.

Before the 1st day of Instruction

Students that are looking to enroll in full classes are encouraged to first add themselves to the waitlist for the class. The waitlist will be relied upon to determine the order in which students have added themselves to ‘wait in line’ for the class and students will not be issued PTAs without first being on the waitlist for the class.


After the 1st day of Instruction

Students can request PTA codes through the Economics Advising Office. For a student to be issued a PTA code, all other students ahead of them on the waitlist will need to be added into the course as well. A student in position 6 on the waitlist would require that student and the other 5 students to be issued PTA codes. A student in position 1 on the waitlist would only require one PTA to be issued. The Economics Advising Office will review these requests by the 10th day of instruction. Students can contact our office at As a reminder, PTA codes are not typically granted and we strongly encourage students to consider alternative schedules. 


After the 12th day of Instruction (Last day to add classes)

After the deadline to add classes, students will be dropped from the waitlist.  PTAs will not be issued for any sections that were full as of the last day to add classes.  Students looking to enroll in classes that did have open seats through the deadline to add classes will first need to get instructor approval to join the class at this point in the quarter. If instructor approves, student can be issued a PTA for the class.


After the 20th day of Instruction

Students will not be issued PTA codes for ECN classes after the 20th day of Instruction.

In addition to the above criteria, PTA requests require that there is physical space in the classroom (some rooms have capacity limitations that cannot be exceeded) and that additional students will not exceed the workload limitations written into Teaching Assistant contracts.

PTA codes will not be issued as a way to override time conflicts in class schedules.  Students will also not be issued PTAs for being dropped due to non-payment, unless there are seats available in the class.

Students in extraordinary circumstances can submit an appeal to the above PTA policy and cases will be reviewed by our PTA Exceptions Committee on a case-by-case basis. Students will need to submit a formal appeal outlining specific details of their request and why they feel their case rises to exceptional status. Appeals need to be submitted quickly so they can be reviewed in a timely manner and can be sent to with the email subject line: PTA Exceptions Committee Appeal.

Please note: this policy generally does not apply to variable unit courses.