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Takuya Ura


  • Ph.D., Economics, Duke University, 2016
  • M.A., Economics, University of Tokyo, 2011
  • B.A., Economics, Keio University, 2008


Takuya Ura is an assistant professor of economics at UC Davis. His research interest is econometrics.

Given name: Takuya (pronounced as “Tah-Koo-Yah”)

CV: https://economics.ucdavis.edu/people/tu10/cv


Published and accepted papers: 

7. Estimation and Inference for Policy Relevant Treatment Effects with Yuya Sasaki, Journal of Econometrics, accepted

6. Estimation and Inference for Moments of Ratios with Robustness against Large Trimming Bias, with Yuya Sasaki, Econometric Theory, accepted 

5. Instrumental Variable Quantile Regression with MisclassificationEconometric Theory, 37 (1), 169-204, February 2021

4. Robust Inference in Deconvolution, with Kengo Kato and Yuya Sasaki, Quantitative Economics, 12 (1), 109-142, January 2021 (It supersedes the working paper “Inference based on Kotlarski’s Identity.”)

3. Non-separable Models with High-dimensional Data, with Liangjun Su and Yichong Zhang, Journal of Econometrics, 212 (2), 646-677, October 2019

2. Inference in Dynamic Discrete Choice Problems under Local Misspecification, with Federico A. Bugni, Quantitative Economics, 10 (1), 67-103, January 2019

1. Heterogeneous Treatment Effects with Mismeasured Endogenous TreatmentQuantitative Economics, 9 (3), 1335-1370, November 2018  


Working papers:

 - Finite Sample Inference for the Maximum Score Estimand with Adam M. Rosen, revision requested by the Review of Economic Studies

Identification and Inference of Network Formation Games with Misclassified Links  with Luis E. Candelaria, revision requested by the Journal of Econometrics

Unconditional Quantile Regression with High Dimensional Data with Yuya Sasaki and Yichong Zhang, revision requested by the Quantitative Economics

 - Linear Programming Approach to Nonparametric Inference under Shape Restrictions: with an Application to Regression Kink Designs with Harold D. Chiang, Kengo Kato, and Yuya Sasaki

Welfare Analysis via Marginal Treatment Effects  with Yuya Sasaki

Testing Homogeneity in Dynamic Discrete Games in Finite Samples with Federico A. Bugni and Jackson Bunting