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Derek Stimel


  • Ph.D., Economics, University of California, Davis, 2005
  • M.A., Economics, Tufts University, Medford, MA, 1997
  • B.A., Economics, University of California, Berkeley, 1996


Derek Stimel has expertise in monetary and macroeconomics as well as financial economics. As the internship coordinator for the Department of Economics, he is the primary contact and advisor for economics students seeking academic credit for internships. He has earned certification in quantitative methods in finance from Stanford University and in applied econometrics from the National Association for Business Economics.

Research Focus

Professor Stimel conducts research examining broad areas of macroeconomics and finance as well as in diverse fields such as corporate social responsibility, economics education and sports statistics.

Selected Publications

  • Brady, R. R., Stimel, D., & Sumner, S. (2014). The rise of the housing-wealth effect: Counterfactual impulse response analysis. Review of Economics and Finance, 4(4), 1–17.
  • Stimel, D. (2014). The short-run relationship between income and freedom: Evidence from 128 countries. Economics and Finance Review, 3(9), 13–21.
  • Sekerka, L. E., Marar-Yacobian, M., & Stimel, D. (2014). Business ethics in a transnational economy: Embracing the tribal-collectivist perspective. Global Business & Economics Anthology, March(1), 10–25.
  • Sekerka, L. E., & Stimel, D. (2014). Embracing waste as a resource: Insights from the informal economy. Management Research Review, 37(3), 241–260.
  • Stimel, D. (2012). The short-run effects of the macro-economy on venture capital: US evidence. Economics and Finance Review, 2(3), 38–45.


Derek Stimel teaches courses in principles of macroeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, money and banking, and financial economics.


Dean's Award for Service, Menlo College, 2011
Dean's Award for Research and Scholarship, Menlo College, 2010