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UC Davis Ph.D.s in economics are in the Top 20 for their research

Graduates rank 19th in U.S. programs for quality-adjusted output, 5th among public universities

In the current issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives the article “The Research Productivity of New PhDs in Economics: The Surprisingly High Non-success of the Successful” by John P. Conley and Ali Sina Önder measured the quality-adjusted number of research publications of each Economics Ph.D. during their first six years after graduation in the period 1986–2000.

The study looked at Ph.D. graduates from the top 30 North American economics departments as measured by Coupé (2003), a list that included UC Davis. The per capita output of UC Davis Economics Ph.D.s was found to be 19th among all U.S. universities and 5th among U.S. public universities.