International Macro-Finance

International Macro-Finance

Students in this Specialization examine our interdependent world using the tools of macroeconomics and finance. Possible career paths would include analyst at a financial company or international economist for a governmental agency or non-profit.


Choose 3 from the following options:

  • ECN 110B: World Econ Hist. Since the Industrial Revolution
  • ECN 115B/115BY: Economic Development (Cross-Listed with ARE)
  • ECN 134: Financial Economics
  • ECN 135: Money, Banks, and Financial Institutions
  • ECN 136: Topics in Macroeconomic Theory
  • ECN 137: Macroeconomic Policy
  • ECN 141: Economics and Financial Forecasting (Previously ECN 190 with Shen)
  • ECN 160B: International Macroeconomics
  • ECN 164: International Finance (Previously ECN 190 with Simonovska)
  • ECN 171: Economy of East Asia

If you chose to follow one of these Specializations, you will still need to satisfy the remaining major required coursework up to 44 upper division units. Please review the UC Davis Catalog for the Economics major requirements.

Please note, only ONE Specialization track may be chosen.