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Diego Kaenzig (Northwestern)
“The unequal economic consequences of carbon pricing"
Giorgia Romagnoli (University of Amsterdam)
"Morals in multi-unit markets"
Pol Antras (Harvard)
"Global Sourcing and Multinational Activity: A Unified Approach"
Judd Boomhower (UCSD)
Nobuyuki Hanaki (Osaka University)
"An Experiment on the Nash Program: Comparing Two Strategic Mechanisms Implementing the Shapley Value"
Ravi Jagadeesan (Stanford)
"Matching and Prices"
David Baqaee (UCLA)
Greg Clark (UC Davis)
Kaspar Wutrich (UCSD)
Cecile Gaubert (Berkeley)
David Molitor (University of Illinois)
"A Causal Concentration-Response Function for Air Pollution: Evidence from Wildfire Smoke"
Michael Amior (University of Tel Aviv)
"Immigration and Monopsony: Evidence Across the Distribution of Firms"
Natalia Kovrijnykh (ASU)
Bjorn Johannsen (Institute of Transport Economics, Norway)
"Portfolio Complementarities and Electric Vehicle Adoption"
Mark Borgschulte (University of Illinois)
"Immigration and Inequality in the Next Generation"
Christian Wolf (MIT)
"What Can Time-Series Regressions Tell Us About Policy Counterfactuals?"
Roger Moon (USC)
Stephie Fried (SF Fed)
"Construction and Climate Damage in the US Economy"
Jason Cook (University of Utah)
"Caseworker Subjectivity, SNAP Benefit Receipt, and Labor Supply"
Hiroaki Kaido (BU)
Gabriele Camera (Chapman University)
"Choice Flexibility and Long-Run Cooperation"
Thomas Gehrig (Viena)
"Scope and Limits of Bank Liquidity Creation"
Chenyue Hu (UCSC)
Terri Kneeland (University College London)
Lola Gadea (University of Zaragoza, Spain)
Davide Viviano (Standord)
Jiabin Wu (Oregon)
Linda Tesar (Michigan)
Karen Clay (Carnegie Mellon)
"Airborne Lead Pollution and Infant Mortality"
Michael Chernov (UCLA)