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Joel Watson (UCSD)
"Contractual Chains"
Arman Rezaee (UC Davis)
Audrey Guo (Santa Clara University)
"Payroll Tax Incidence: Evidence from Unemployment Insurance"
Michael R Carter, Marcos Martinez Sugastti (UC Davis)
Peter Maxted (UCB Haas)
"Present Bias in Consumption-Saving Models: A Tractable Continuous-Time Approach"
Gillian Brunet (Wesleyan)
“When Does Government Spending Matter? Evidence from a New Measure of Military Spending”
Brad DeLong (UCB)
“Slouching Towards Utopia”
Luis Bauluz (Bonn)
“The Wealth of Generations”
Angela Vossmeyer (Claremont)
“Specification of Systemic Risk and Acquisitions”
Isaac Mbiti (University of Virginia)