Economics Honors Program

Economics Honors Program

The Economics honors courses are designed to permit students to pursue a program in their major at a level significantly beyond that defined by the normal curriculum. It represents an opportunity for the qualified student to experience aspects of the major that are representative of advanced study in the field. 

Please contact an Economics undergraduate advisor to inquire about summer prerequisite work that may be required should you decide to pursue the honors program. You must complete all necessary prerequisite work in order to enroll in the honors courses.


The following courses must be completed with a passing grade in order to be considered for eligible:

ECN 100A: Intermediate Micro Theory
ECN 100B: Intermediate Micro Theory
ECN 101: Intermediate Macro Theory
Any course with data analysis, such as ECN 102: Analysis of Economic Data, or ECN 140: Econometrics 

Students must have completed at least 135 units with a minimum grade point average of 3.5 in courses counted toward the major for admission into the honors program.

The program will include a seminar and an independent project. Students will meet with the seminar director as a group to discuss research methods and topics. The seminar director will assist students in choosing a thesis topic and will match each student with a faculty advisor who will directly supervise the research. Grading will be on an In-Progress basis and a letter grade will be issued at the completion of Economics 194HB. For more information, please visit Giovanni Peri's website regarding Honors Thesis ( 


The only way students are eligible for ‘high’ or ‘highest’ honors at graduation is if they participate in the department's Honors Program (194HA in Fall and 194HB in Winter) for at least two quarters, complete an honors thesis, and meet Letters and Science honors grade point requirement. Honors Program students must take all upper division Economics courses for a letter grade, and cannot have more than eight units of grade I (Incomplete) on their transcript at graduation. Students are not eligible for high or highest honors at graduation unless they participate in this program, but participation in the honors program does not guarantee they will be awarded high or highest honors at graduation.  


Regular ‘honors’ at graduation is awarded to students who have a grade point average in the top percent of their college (the grade point averages changes from year to year). Graduation with ‘honors’ requires that a student meet the appropriate grade point requirement. Students that meet the grade point requirement are automatically awarded honors by the College of Letters and Science. Questions regarding honors at graduation can be asked at the College of Letters and Sciences Dean’s Office, 200 SSH, or via email at

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