Economics 115BY - Economic Development

Since 1990, the number of people living in extreme poverty has declined by more than half and the proportion of undernourished people in developing regions has fallen by almost half. Sustained high levels of economic growth have saved lives and given more people in the world an opportunity to thrive.


Course Description: The study of the macroeconomics of this rapid growth is the topic of the course. We will focus on the creation of effective trade relationships, healthy management of foreign debt and finance and new strategies for jump-starting economic growth in stagnating economies. 

Online lectures describe the nuts and bolts of the models while face-to-face lectures are rich in the application of these models to developing countries. Students work in small groups where they answer the difficult questions facing the poor and middle income countries of today. Each student is assigned a developing country to which they will apply what they have learned. By the tenth week of the course, students will have created an in-depth country study to present to their peers. Classes will not exceed 40 students and meet for one hour and twenty minutes each week of the ten-week quarter.

ECN 115BY is taught as a hybrid course meeting only once a week with online instruction for the second weekly meeting.

Units: 4

Prerequisite(s): ECN 1A; ECN 1B

Instructor(s): Janine Lynn and Flathmann Wilson