Data Analytics & Economic Analysis

Data Analytics & Economic Analysis

Students in this Specialization examine theories and models used to analyze data, identify empirical patterns, forecast economic variables, and make decisions. Possible career paths would include data scientist for a company or a data analyst position in the healthcare or related industry.


Required: ECN 140: Econometrics

Plus: Choose 2 from the following options:

  • ECN 103: Economics of Uncertainty and Information
  • ECN 106: Decision Making
  • ECN 122: Theory of Games and Strategic Behavior
  • ECN 132: Health Economics or ECN 145: Transportation Economics
  • ECN 141: Economics and Financial Forecasting (previously ECN 190 with Shen)
  • ECN 142: Economics & Business Data Analytics (previously ECN 190 with Ura)
  • ECN 190 with Laqueur or Carvajal 

If you chose to follow one of these Specializations, you will still need to satisfy the remaining major required coursework up to 44 upper division units. Please review the UC Davis Catalog for the Economics major requirements.

Please note, only ONE Specialization track may be chosen.

If you have taken or plan to take STA 108, please see an Economics Academic Advisor to discuss course strategy before taking ECN 102 and ECN 140.