Behavior & Strategy

Behavior & Strategy

Students in this Specialization examine decision-making especially as it relates to businesses and the impact of market structures. Possible career paths would include market research analyst for a company as well as associate at a consulting firm.


Required: either ECN 121A or ECN 122.

Plus: Choose 2 from the following options:

  • ECN 103: Economics of Uncertainty and Information
  • ECN 106: Decision Making
  • ECN 107: Neuroeconomics (cross listed with PSC 133/CGS 107)
  • ECN 121A: Industrial Organization
  • ECN 121B: Industrial Organization
  • ECN 122: Theory of Games and Strategic Behavior
  • ECN 190: Topics in Economics with Chakraborty or Carvajal
  • ARE 133: Introduction to Behavioral Economics

If you chose to follow one of these Specializations, you will still need to satisfy the remaining major required coursework up to 44 upper division units. Please review the UC Davis Catalog for the Economics major requirements.

Please note, only ONE Specialization track may be chosen.