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Professor Lindert on Piketty's Capital

Professor Peter Lindert participated in a recent conference on Piketty's bestseller "Capital in the 21st Century." Watch the video of his remarks "Where Has Modern Equality Come From? Lucky vs. Smart Paths in Economic History"

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Professors Ina Simonovska and Shu Shen awarded ISS Awards

The inaugural grants for Social Science Research awarded by the U.C. Davis Institute for Social Sciences include professors Ina Simonvoska and Shu Shen for two separate projects. Our congratulations to both of them for this achievement!

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The American Wake-Up Call

Greg Clark's recent research on social mobility dispels long held views on the American Dream. Mobility in the U.S. is no better than that in medieval England, Clark says.

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Action on immigration: a boon for the economy?

Giovanni Peri's research with several former students cited profusely in the Council of Economic Advisors report on the economic effects of the administration action on immigration. Several news outlets highlight Peri's research on how immigration expands the labor force and boosts productivity for all workers.

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More renters, less risk for Wall St.

Is it time to temper the American dream of homeownership? Research by Òscar Jordà and Alan Taylor featured in the New York Times.

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Efficient lightning, more energy use?

Professor David Rapson and co-authors rebut the NY Times Op-Ed piece by Nordhaus and Shellenberg in which they argue that LED lightning, while deserving the Physics Nobel prize, is not an energy panacea.

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The Great Mortgaging... except for Bernanke

New research by Òscar Jordà, Moritz Schularick and Alan Taylor (and quoted by Amir Sufi in the Financial Times) shows that today’s banks are not primarily involved in business lending. Instead, they make mortgages. From 1940 to 2010, the proportion of bank lending dedicated to mortgages across 17 advanced economies (including the Germany, the UK, and the US) rose from 30 per cent to 60 per cent.

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