Courses in Economics

A variety of advanced courses can be used to meet your requirements for an undergraduate degree in Economics.

Current courses

The general catalog constitutes the most comprehensive list of courses that all colleges at the university conduct. We encourage students to browse the catalog to determine which courses best suit their academic interests and needs. When registering for courses, the most updated course availability is listed online, and students should refer to this updated list when building schedules for upcoming academic quarters.

You can apply many courses toward various programs of study, encompassing complementary majors, minors or even general education requirements needed for graduation.

Honors in Economics

Students interested in pursuing advanced studies in Economics and complete minimum requirements may pursue ECN194 HA/HB: Special Study for Honors Students. Upon completing the entire sequence, and pending all other College of Letters & Sciences honors requirements, a student may be awarded high to highest honors at graduation.

Study Abroad and transfer credit

Students are encouraged to further enrich their areas of study by pursuing study abroad programs. UC Davis Study Abroad specializes in summer, quarter, seminar, and internship programs of study that enrich students with global academic and practical experience. UC Davis Study Abroad programs are taught by UC Davis faculty members.

UC Education Abroad Program, or UCEAP, is a UC system-wide study abroad program with opportunities in 42 countries and more than 250 program options. Students also may utilize independent study abroad programs, allowing them to obtain transfer credit from these classes.

We urge you to review the Economics Course Archive to determine if classes in which you hope to enroll are applicable toward the degree. If the course you would like to take is not listed, consider submitting a transfer course petition to determine its eligibility toward major requirements. As you prepare your trip, do not forget to have your academic study plan reviewed and signed by your Economics major advisor.

Internship credit

Internships carry their own rewards. They give students valuable experience in a particular job and familiarize potential employers with students as prospective employees. Students completing an Internship in Economics may receive up to 12 total units in ECN192: Internship credit.

Tentative course offerings

The tentative course list is a great way to plan for your upcoming academic year by projecting which courses you plan to take. Make sure to check back for updates because each quarter is subject to change.

Summer sessions

Enrolling in courses during summer sessions enables students to complete course requirements or get ahead with major courses. Not all of the major courses are offered every summer session, but some lower division and upper division courses are available for each session.