Orientation 2021

Welcome to UC Davis and the Department of Economics! We hope this information will help you with planning your Fall schedule and the transition to UC Davis.


Steps for Success:

1) Complete Aggie 101 through your MyAdmissions Portal. Please note: this must be completed prior to Aggie Advising

2) For First Year Students, you will be meeting with a College of Letters and Science Advisor OR For Transfer students, you will be meeting with a major advisor through Aggie Advising.


Once you complete the modules for Aggie 101, you are ready to continue by selecting one of the buttons below: 

  1. First Year Students
  2. Transfer Students


Welcome New Students from Undergraduate Chair, Dr. Janine Wilson! 

Many students have reached out to faculty in the Department of Economics with questions about what books are on their nightstands, podcasts downloaded on their phones and sources they access to answer their questions. CLICK HERE to see what faculty are reading, podcasts they follow and sources for data and information that they trust. Enjoy!



Contact us with questions!

Staff Advisors Sept 2021


Advisors will be answering emails during normal business hours

(Monday-Fridays, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm)