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Justin Wiltshire


  • Ph.D., Economics, University of California, Davis, expected June 2022 (Committee: Giovanni Peri (Chair), Marianne Bitler, Marianne Page)
  • M.Sc., Economics, London School of Economics, 2015
  • B.A. (M.A.), Economics, Simon Fraser University, 2012 (2013)


2021/22 Job Market Candidate

Justin Wiltshire is a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at the University of California, Davis, and a job market candidate for the 2021/22 academic year. His job market paper examines the extent and impact of monopsony power exercised by Walmart Supercenters. This research is funded by the Washington Center for Equitable Growth.

Research Focus

Primary Field:: Labor Economics

Secondary Fields: Industrial Organization, Urban Economics

Research Agenda: I research how regional economies evolve and how less-advantaged workers fare, with a particular interest in employer labor market power.

Selected Publications



Economics of Education: UC Davis, 2021

UG Honors Thesis Stata Crash Course: UC Davis, 2018–2020

Teaching Assistant:

Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory: UC Davis, 2021

Public Finance: UC Davis, 2017,2020

Intermediate Microeconomics: UC Davis, 2018 and University College London, 2014

Principles of Microeconomics: UC Davis, 2016–2018 and London School of Economics, 2013 and Simon Fraser University, 2010–2013

Labor Economics: UC Davis, 2016

Principles of Macroeconomics: UC Davis, 2015

Economics of Development: Simon Fraser University, 2012,2013


Doctoral Research Grant, Washington Center for Equitable Growth (2021-2022)

Outstanding Poster Award, All California Labor Economics Conference (2021)

Post-candidacy Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Fellowship, UC Davis (2021-2022)

Graduate Student Travel Award, UC Davis (2021)

Research Support Grant, Center for Growth and Opportunity (2019-2020)

Nonresident Tuition Fellowship, UC Davis (2015-2018)

C.D. Nelson Memorial Graduate Entrance Scholarship; Jack Knetsch Award; Dean's Convocation Medal (FASS); Cliff Lloyd Memorial Award, SFU (2012)