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Katherine Ampaw


  • M.Ed., Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs, University of Southern California 2017
  • B.A., Gender Studies, University of California, Los Angeles 2014
  • A.A., Women Studies, Cerritos College 2012


Katherine serves as an undergraduate academic advisor supporting majors in Economics, History, and East Asian Studies.

Below is Katherine's Advising Philosophy: 

As an individual coming from underrepresented, low-income, first generation-American background, I have a strong understanding of the importance of advising for diverse student populations in higher education. As a former community college and transfer student, my academic advisors were a crucial part of my academic, professional and social life success in college. In this, I became an advisor because I am passionate about serving students and helping them navigate the small and big academic, professional, and social challenges of college life.

When advising students, my approach is to view and advise every student holistically. Each student has encountered different academic and social experiences before and during their time at UC Davis. Furthermore, the diversity of students are different in terms of backgrounds, age, academic standing, ethnicity, race, gender, disability, sexuality etc. Therefore, being able to cater and advise to each students needs is important to me, because my hope is that they receive the right advice, counseling, and support they need.

I strive to provide a non-judgmental, brave space where I can support, listen, and empower students to excel in all aspects of their lives during their time in college. Moreover, being genuine, empathetic, and constantly being positive is important to me because I want to have every student that leaves my office, know and feel they have been heard, validated, and that they received the support and help they needed.