Can I get an M.A. in Econ?

My degree objective is an M.A . in economics. Is the Economics Department at UC Davis a good program for me?

No. The graduate program at UC Davis is focused almost exclusively on the Ph.D. degree; hence, only Ph.D. applications will be accepted. While it is possible to obtain an M.A. while pursuing a Ph.D. degree (see the Graduate Handbook for more details on this), all students must take the first year Ph.D. sequence of courses in macroeconomic and microeconomic theory. You would not be able to specialize in fields of your choice in Economics for the M.A. degree. If your interest is only in the M.A. degree, consider a more applied program, such as the M.S. program in the UC Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. If you want to earn an M.A. degree from the Department of Economics, you would have to apply to the Ph.D. program. If admitted to the Ph.D. program, you could choose to leave the program after having completed M.A. requirements. If you already earned an M.A. degree in Economics at another university, you are not eligible to also earn an M.A. degree in Economics at UC Davis, which does not grant "duplicate" degrees.