Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the UC Davis Graduate Program in Economics.
Graduate Program General Questions
Find answers here to fundamental questions about the Ph.D. program, including time required, transfer credits and whether or not having an M.A. degree is helpful.
Learn about Graduate Program admission requirements, the minimum acceptable GRE score, and submission of GRE test results.
Application fees
Find out when and how to pay application fees, and learn under what circumstances waivers of application fees may be granted.
When are applications and letters of recommendations due? Are GRE, TOEFL and transcript submission deadlines flexible? The answers are here.
Application submission
We answer questions about the specific steps in the application submission process.
Applicants from other nations
Prospective students from other nations who have questions about the TOEFL and TSE exams, tuition fellowships, and differing grading and undergraduate degree standards can find answers here.
Financial aid
This section answers questions about the numerous forms of financial assistance that are available for Ph.D. students in Economics at UC Davis.