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Economics 140 - Econometrics

Econometrics is the statistical analysis of economics data. This analysis provides a summary of economic variables, or the relationships between economic variables, that is guided by economic theory while controlling for sampling and model uncertainty. The regression methods emphasized in this course are used extensively in the social and natural sciences and are the basis for the methods used in the emerging fields of data analytics and big data.
Economics 140 - Econometrics

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ECN 100, 101; MAT 16A & 16B or 21A & 21B, STA 13, ECN 102 (or any upper division STA course)




This course provides an introduction to econometric methods.  The goal is to provide students with the knowledge to conduct their own empirical research in economics, to evaluate economic/business policy, to perform forecasting, and to critically read the quantitative analysis of other researchers.  In addition to using the computer as a tool for regression analysis, the course will focus upon underlying statistical models so that students understand when particular methods are likely to be valid.