Undergraduate Research Opportunities

ECN 99/199: Research Credit 

Students completing an undergraduate research (ECN 99/199) will receive lower/upper division credit toward graduation requirements (180 unit requirement) but will not receive credit toward the Economics major. Typically 1-2 units per quarter (on rare occasion up to 4 units) are given for research credit. 

ECN 099: Undergraduates students who have 83 units or less completed (lower division credit)

ECN 199: Undergraduate students who have 84 units or more completed (upper division credit)


To Apply

If you are an undergraduate student interested in a research assistant position with a faculty member or graduate student in the Department of Economics, you will need to do the following:

  1. complete an application for Undergraduate research opportunities (Download: Research Application)
  2. Save/Scan application as a PDF
  3. Email PDF application to