Nicholas Wilson (Reed College)

"Money, Masculinity and Men's Health: Experimental Evidence on Demand for a Preventive Health Input"

Dec 05, 2017
from 04:10 PM to 05:30 PM

4101 Social Science and Humanities ARE Library


A fundamental puzzle about human behavior is the low level of household investment in preventive health inputs. We conducted a field experiment testing advertising strategies designed to increase demand for a potentially life-saving preventive health technology. Offering compensation of US$10 conditional on completing a counseling session for voluntary medical male circumcision tripled uptake of the procedure. Framing the basic advertisement using the statement, "Are you tough enough?", doubled uptake. Suggestive evidence indicates these advertisements reduced procrastination. Our study appears to be the first showing that a small conditional cash transfer for a one-time health clinic visit can improve individual investment in preventive health inputs.



Seminar is open to the public, space is limited.
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